About Us

At Spes Technologies we know that you want to be more successful in your business.  In order to do that, your technology needs to work for you.  The problem is that you’re not an IT expert which makes you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and stuck.

We believe technology is an asset and it shouldn’t leave you feeling frustrated.  We understand that you didn’t get a degree in IT but here you are at 6:30pm on a Friday installing software updates which is why we eat, breathe, and live this stuff.  So you don’t have to.

Our Process

Schedule a free consultation today and be on your way to simplified IT with Spes Technologies as your IT Solutions Provider.


To serve you best, we provide a free initial consultation that will help to identify key gaps, deficiencies, risks and opportunities in your technology platform.  From infrastructure, hardware and systems to people and processes, we work to understand your landscape and provide an estimate and direction.  When clarity and understanding increase, frustration decreases. 


As your Chief Technology Advisor and managed services provider, we develop and implement your technology roadmap alongside you while focusing on the biggest opportunities for improvement.  This ensures your investment yields early results through rapid improvements in mission critical areas.  Problem solving that generates tangible return on investment.  That’s the Spes approach. 

Managed Services

Once your technology infrastructure is humming, we’ll work to provide monitoring, troubleshooting, problem solving, process/technology improvements and advisory services as your business grows.  Managed services means we walk with you through every step of your technology journey providing reliability, and reduced operating risk.  Say hello to the last managed services provider you’ll ever need.